Bluelight to Pucker Huddle radio series airs on Goldendale Community Radio, KVGD-LP, 100.1FM in 2016

Scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 19 at Noon is Bluelight to Pucker Huddle, The Radio Series, Episode 19 on Wildlife in Klickitat County.

The complete audio series of Bluelight to Pucker Huddle episodes produced by Goldendale Community Radio is scheduled to air in 2016.  These weekly half-hour programs are based upon the book Bluelight to Pucker Huddle: Discovering Klickitat County, compiled, edited and published by Friends of Goldendale Library in 2005. Ten years after publication of this remarkable compilation of essays about the people, places and past events that make up the rich tapestry of Klickitat County life, a locally produced series for radio enlivens these stories and brings them to a new audience. Half-hour programs in the weekly series are scheduled to air on Goldendale Community Radio (KVGD-LP 100.1FM in Goldendale) on Tuesdays at Noon.

This is a partial list of episodes in the radio series:

Newcomers to East Klickitat County
Wildflowers of Klickitat County
Farming and Ranching in Klickitat County
Goldendale, WA
Bicycling the Brew Pub 250
Klickitat County Rural Electrification
The Simcoes with Rita Liska Part 1
The Simcoes with Ritat Liska Part 2
Maryhill and Environs
Veterans Remembered
The Grange
Stonehenge in Maryhill
Tribute to Kathleen Goode’s Writings
Holiday Traditions
Military Road
Public Works & Roads

Thanks to Friends of Goldendale Library for assistance and support. Also, thank you to Klickitat County for Historical Preservation grant funding.