The Simcoe Spot with Don Wilhite on Goldendale Community Radio, KVGD-LP Goldendale

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Friday, Dec. 4, on The Simcoe Spot we featured Don Wilhite of Goldendale. Don picked up the guitar as a teenager and has continued to play since.  Yet, only for the past year has he shared his music with an audience beyond his close family and friends.  KVGD-LP public radio listeners, you are in for a treat!  This set was recorded on November 28, 2015 in Goldendale for The Simcoe Spot, Goldendale Community Radio’s Showcase for the many talented local performers in Klickitat County.

The Simcoe Spot airs on Goldendale Community Radio Friday nights at 7PM. Tune in to KVGD-LP at 100.1FM in Goldendale for Radio Free Nashville’s RFN Weekend at 5PM. Then, stick around for The Simcoe Spot coming on at 7PM.

Don Wilhite is our featured guest on this inaugural program. You may have caught Don performing live at The Windy Ridge on Main Street in Goldendale on Thursday nights.

Don Wilhite’s guitar playing style is both meditative and contemplative. He chooses to perform the songs he loves. Every performance emanates out to the audience in the tender care of his picking style and gentle honesty of his manner of play. His vocals are awesome, too.  Don begins the set for The Simcoe Spot with Townes Van Zandt’s Techumseh Valley.

Playlist for Part 1 of The Simcoe Spot continues with:

Kasey Chambers with Shane Nicholson Once in Awhile
Left Banke Walk Away Renee
Beatles I Will
Beatles There Are Places I Remember
Gordon Lightfoot Early Morning Rain (snare drum buzzing in background)
Norah Jones Come Away with Me

In the second half-hour of The Simcoe Spot you will hear Don Wilhite performing:

On a Bad Day by Kasey Chambers On A Bad Day
Richard Thompson Shame of Doing Wrong
Steve Winwood Can’t Find My Way Home
Leonard Cohen Hallelujah
John Denver Country Roads

Introductory and closing theme is Lucinda Williams’ Can’t Let Go, performed by Don Wilhite at Windy Ridge on June 18, 2015.

On Friday, Jan. 22, The Simcoe Spot again featured Don Wilhite with an acoustic set performed earlier in the month at Windy Ridge on Main Street in Goldendale. That playlist included:

Mark Knopfler When It Comes To You
James Taylor Rock-a-by Sweet Baby James
The Rolling Stones No Expectations
The Beatles You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
Lucinda Williams Still I Long For Your Kiss
John Prine Angel From Montgomery*

*Accompanied by Cindy Preinnett (vocals)

If you are a musician in the Klickitat Valley, Greater Goldendale or Columbia Gorge area who is interested in being a future guest performer on KVGD-LP’s Simcoe Spot, please contact the station.

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