Favorite Things at The Presby Museum in Goldendale, WA – A Radio Series

Klickitat County Historical Society, Presby Museum, and Goldendale Community Radio teamed up for a series of local history radio reports recorded at the Presby Mansion Museum in Goldendale, Washington in 2016. Ron Ingraham spoke about his favorite things at the museum including items in the Native American and military collections upstairs on display at The Presby. Dennis Birney explained the history of one of his favorites in the collection, namely that iconic essential in homestead kitchens, the Ball brand canning jar. Jim Link demonstrated a personal and sentimental favorite of his own, a working model hand-crank Victrola, closely identified with parlors and domestic scenes of the past century’s American life. Jim cranks up the Victrola for listeners to experience a scratchy and delightful RCA recording of the classic folk tune, Turkey in the Straw. Luann Whitmire shared her time and knowledge of more Presby Mansion Museum favorites from the attic that prompted stories about the early years of farming and ranching in the Goldendale and Centerville Valley and The Simcoe Highlands. Favorite Things at the Presby and other KVGD-LP Audio Productions are available as podcasts online.

Plans are to continue with this and other local history radio series. If you have a topics to suggest, please contact the station. Grant support for twenty episodes of Bluelight to Pucker Huddle produced by KVGD-LP was supported in part by Historical Preservation grant funds from Klickitat County.